Saturday, May 26, 2012

Debi's Random Act of Kindness, Thank You

No one can imagine my surprise this morning when
my husband brought in the mail.
There was this manila envelope.

I could not remember ordering anything or
winning a giveaway.

Inside was this sweet little crocheted baby blue and 
white doily, the center circle 
looked to be started on a plastic ring.

And along with the doily was what looks to be 
a fat quarter of a pretty blue print material.
Blue, my very favorite color ever!
 And who was the mysterious sender but 
Debi from Maryland here, be still my heart!
So totally unexpected and now 
I am speechless,(which isn't often).
Such a random act of kindness it just blows me away!
 If anyone would have asked me to describe her 
I would say that from just following her blog she is 
a total whiz with the crochet hook.
She can crochet circles around me, that is for sure.
While I am cranking away at 1-2 projects, 
Debi has done several.
There just is no stopping her when she has yarn 
and hook in hand.
And everything she makes is lovelier than the 
project before. 
She makes up a lot of her own patterns and 
is generous to share them. If someone asks her a question
she is faithful to answer it. 
I know she has even helped people find a pattern 
they have been looking for.
She is interesting always, and is one of the blogs I look 
forward to checking on often.
Not only does she love crochet, 
she also loves her family and camping. 
She has a lot of interesting reading and pictures on her site,
one being a neat crafty room with photos of it.
I could go on and on about her, 
but go there and check her out for yourself.
I promise, you won't be disappointed.

 So, thank you so much Debi!
You have brightened my weekend.
I will cherish these gifts and this selfless act.
♥God Bless You and Yours♥


  1. What a kind and generous friend. Lovely gift.

  2. How sweet of her! The gifts are beautiful.

  3. She sounds lovely and you deserve this very special surprise. Sending you a big hug,

  4. Oh Susanne - you are too kind. I'm happy you like your little gift - and I'm glad it brightened your day. :)


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