Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random Thoughts

Let me get to the important stuff first.
Of course that would be "the baby", what else.
Yes, I know you are all probably thinking, 
"Here she goes again".
We are all smitten, and in love right now.
Yes, ga ga for our little new guy 
who will be a week old at 12:17pm today.
I am going to post one more pic, 
right now it is my favorite.

  It is Holden and Grandpa.
A little over a year ago our family was thrown into turmoil.
My husband was diagnosed with myeloma
which is cancer of the bone marrow, there is no cure.
It was a dark time for all of us.
He went through months of chemo all last year.
And through it all, back in July, 
we found out that we were going to be 
grandparents for the first time in March of this year.
I believe that was one of the happiest moments.
In August we were approached again about 
a bone marrow transplant for my husband.
If there were any doubts (about whether 
to go through the procedure) they kinda just flew 
right out of the window.
A new baby brightened the future and gives a whole new perspective on wanting to live.
I heard the comment, 
"I'm doing this for my family."
 That baby in the picture put a whole new spin on living.
It was hope for the future and that good things are 
still going on in this world, and most of all
that God answers prayers, 
and innocence isn't lost or a thing of the past. 
It shows us that there are angels sent from heaven, 
and God trusts us to take good care of his angels 
and to set good examples and to be better souls.
We never get tired of looking at that little face.
Like a magnet we are drawn to gaze upon it's 
sweetness and perfection.
It makes us realize also that God knew 
exactly what he was doing
from the very start.
This early morning I set about looking at 
a few of my favorite blogs.
I will carry over a few words about 
that pesky word verification.
You can now visit my blog and not have to be 
bothered with that annoying detail 
if you want to leave a comment. 
I also did something else, 
I got rid of the "updated Blogger interface"
and went back to the old style. 
I am not partial for "new & improved"
when "tried & true" works just fine. 
It reminds me of Cool Whip, remember years ago when 
they "New & Improved" it,
someone had a slow day, 
because there was absolutely nothing wrong with COOL WHIP. 
Tell me, was it not good eating it right from the container 
with a spoon when you were a kid?????
That stuff was kid tested, and believe me, 
I grew up with 5 younger brothers and you were considered
a dare devil if you could put a Fizzie on your tongue 
and lived through it.
Remember wax lips, teeth and fingers?
That stuff was chewed like gum. 
Candy buttons were a hit and so was  root beer barrels.
Folks, I remember penny candy, heck, I remember when you got 
2 pieces of candy for a penny, a pack of gum for 5 cents.
Once when I was a kid my friend and I found a dollar, 
and you would have thought we found a million. 
We marched ourselves right up to the little store on the hill and we came back with a whole brown bag full of candy.
We thought we had died and gone to heaven. 
But I have gotten off track here, 
my intent was to let folks know that if you don't 
like the new blogger style then just switch back to what once was.
Okay, I am now getting off the soapbox and calling it a night, 
or should I say day 
since it is now the wee hours of Tuesday morning.
Hope you have a great week.




  1. How sweet the little angel !! I can see her face of sweet dreams. She's the Gem of the family. She brings you all the family laugh, smile, hope, happiness....... I'm at the prayer for your husband. Surely he's in a fit form and stronger in the path of healing.

  2. Hi Susanne, what a beautiful baby, congratulations to you all. I hope and pray that your husband gets better, nothing is more precious than life itself xxx

  3. You can post a daily picture of that beautiful baby and we wouldn't get sick of it at all. We all need a baby fix. Love the picture of Holden with Grandpa, and love your post today.

    Have a wonderful day Grandma,

  4. He's such a beautiful little man - you can show pictures everyday if you want. I hope your husband is doing well - I will say a prayer for him. Have a great day Susanne. :)

  5. God does answer our prayers. I am a firm believer in that. I love seeing Holden. Post pics daily if you can. Love, Jeanie


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