Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hexed OUT !!!

I took 4 photos of my 1/2 finished hex blanket.
Unfortunately there seems to be issues 
with getting the downloads this evening.
I have decided that I am 
completely burned out with crochet for now.
With the warmer weather the yarn has become 
just too hot to handle and torture.
We have this unseasonably hot weather right 
now in March. 
We will tough it out till we can no longer 
stand the heat, then the ac will be turned on, 
and maybe then I will once again feel up to 
handling yarn.

I also had pics of some items I splurged on.
The feeling that I needed to treat myself 
has lasted several days.
I wanted to share my excitement 
over a few of the purchases.

I bought some sock yarn and a couple of 
instruction books on knitting socks.
Have I ever knitted socks before, no I haven't.
My only feeble attempt at "A" sock was a
 Christmas stocking I knitted about a year ago.
I was not happy with the results, 
but my youngest daughter was.
It hung on her fireplace mantle this past Christmas.
It didn't look so bad afterall.
 All that mattered is she loves it.

I bought some patterns, one of course was a 
little sun romper for a boy, size: toddler.
(Gee, I wonder who that is intended for?).

I found an issue of Mollie Makes. 
Although I love the issues,
the magazine is crammed full of advertisements,
I am really thinking it isn't worth the cost, 
and have any of you ever checked out the price 
for an overseas subscription? WOW!

A couple of weeks ago I bought some 
vibrant Stylecraft Yarn from England. 
Boy, was I all excited to be buying some 
yarn from there!
Years ago I had purchased some 
baby fingering yarn from a gal in England whose mum 
use to own a yarn shop.
It was Teddy Baby and perfect, made in England.
Like I said, I was excited about the Stylecraft,
 until I saw it was made in Turkey. 
I will admit the colors are beautiful.
But had I wanted Turkish yarn I would have 
Googled "Turkish Yarn", lol.
And heavens, 
I have nothing personal against Turkey, 
or it's lovely people.

So I am resigned now to dig into my fabric stash 
and crank up the sewing machine. My oldest bought me a 
Gutermann "In Home" Thread Cabinet of 
100 colors back at Christmas. It was on sale at Joann's, 
and a bit of a hint that I "loved that thread" and "it was on sale"
helped to land it under the Christmas tree. 
The gift still has the plastic wrapping on it, 
it is officially unopened, 
and I say it is high time I remedy that.

Sooooo, I will have tomorrow as an official day where
I can stay home and we don't have any appointments.
I will plan to do some organizing in my sewing room, 
and while I am doing that I will think on what I plan to do next.
It has been ages since I pulled out the boxes of material.
Yes, the hex blanket will be put aside for awhile.
It is time to take a break from hooking around.
The only thing that could possibly drag me away from 
these plans is if my new grandson needs 
holding and spoiling by Grandma and Grandpa.
Now how could we possibly refuse him anything?



  1. well, I agree, who could refuse such charms?

    So funny reading how all 'you lot over there' are gearing for Spring and the hot weather, and all 'us lot over here' are battening down the hatches ready for winter.
    Not that there was any summer.

    Oh well.
    Just have to wait for next year, s'pose.

    Looking forward to seeing what you will create in that sewing room.


  2. Hi Susanne - have a good, relaxing day today. Post some pictures when you're done with your sewing room. I'd love to see it. :)

  3. I hope your day was wonderful, being submersed in fabric and thread. You hexi's will be waiting for you so don't stress about it. Do what makes you happy!
    Hugs to you,


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