Monday, December 26, 2011

Resolutions, Ramblings of Me, Myself & I

 Resolutions, "don't even go there," I tell myself.
"Have you even once, just once, kept a resolution?
Of course you haven't, so why are you even thinking about this?"
"Because it is the thing we all do when the New Year rolls around.
It is like a tradition."
So, you are setting yourself up for failure and then beating
yourself up afterward?
You must be a glutton for punishment.
Look at you, talking with yourself even.
You know what they say about people who talk to themselves.
"Twos company, threes a crowd?"
At least a third party has not put in their 2-cents worth yet.
Now that would be scary. 
"Ahhh, but a third party can put in their 2-cents worth.
I is waiting in the wings. And anyone can chat this subject up,
all they need to do is make a comment, and let us know what they think about resolutions."
So, what do you think out there, have you decided to 
resolve punish  improve yourself in some way for 2012?"
Talk amongst yourselves, 
come join the convo with me, myself and I.
(Thank you Pinterest for photo, please note, Joan is knitting in this movie poster, lol)
(Okay, who yelled "straight jacket?" Yes, I did take my medication!)

1 comment:

  1. I have a few resolutions rolling around in my mind. Don't know if I'll keep them - but that's ok - I'll save them for next year. :)


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