Sunday, December 4, 2011

Found Another Great Project

My darlings, yesterday I found another "KEEPER".
I am going to give you a glimpse, but the best is yet to come.
Yes, there is more to see, so hang in there with me and check. I won't keep you in suspense too long. I am not one of these bloggers who tease you into waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more.

So go and check out Greta and her Etsy shop. At first I thought it was something Lucy24 had going on here, but this gal is from the Netherlands and I just love her bright Christmas bobbles. These and several other things are downloadable patterns from her store and she is a sweetheart to deal with. I know because I bought 4 of her patterns and now just itching to try them. Any of you who know me, know that I am that scrappy kind of gal. I save even the smallest tails of yarn and crochet thread, also fabric scraps, because I know that there is a use for them somewhere down the line. 
I am off now to go visit with my mom.
Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend.


  1. Hi! I love your balls! You have so many nice things here!

  2. I saw these on Pinterest and was drawn immediately! They are nothing short of gorgeous!

  3. Those Christmas balls have a huge WOW factor. They are stunning. I am going over to see what else she has. Thanks Susanne,

  4. I'm baaaack! After reading your wonderful comment, I had to come back and tell you it reverberated with me on EVERY level! I thought I was the ONLY one with a hubby who is happy to be left out of the loop of hauling decor out of storage. Ours is in the attic. I think I'd get more done if I didn't need help getting it down...but I get tired of needing someone else who really doesn't want to be bothered! I do have my tree up, but NONE of the decor in the house that has gone up in prior years. (And I could get along without the big tree quite nicely, thank you!) I, too, think a grandchild will put a new light on everything...but my almost 23 year old daughter isn't married yet - so I think a grand baby is a ways off! Our Christmas traditions have changed drastically in recent years. I miss the old days when our parents were still alive and things were different, but the change is's just not what used to be tradition. Pinterest and pinning in the wrong category...YES...I do that all the time! LOL I need to find you on Pinterest! Big hug of thanks for that great comment! My Monday started off with a smile as I read that! Annette

  5. And one more thing...the terrier part...I have a Tibetan that you mention it, that's exactly what she does with me! Leads me! Stopping to look over her shoulder ALL THE DARNED TIME! She herds my daughter and hubby...but leads me! It's a good thing she's cute because her barking and herding of my family gets really annoying for all! She's very devoted to me...but that's where her devotion ends! Our Golden Retriever, Dudley, makes up for all of her shortcomings!

  6. I spotted these too and thought the same gosh darn thing. Another thing to add to the list of "to-do". Sorry, if I'm one of those who keeps you waiting. I really am working and posting as fast as I can.


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