Monday, December 5, 2011

Fish Cleaner, Bird Nest and Workin' the Hook

I'm gonna make this post a fast zippy drive by.
First I wanna put a shout out to Jeanie over at Getting Started
(you can link to her blog on my right sidebar). She had a cool giveaway for some FISH brand window/glass cleaner and 
was I surprised, I expected 1 can but got 3 in the box.
Soon as our weather isn't so rainy and gloomy I'm gonna 
try that cleaner. THANK YOU JEANIE!!!!

Yeah, it is nasty out now but some things prevail even though the elements are whipping against them......

I didn't even realize there was a nest in the red bud tree
until fall had come and all the leaves were on the ground.

I took several pics from various angles, 
but posted only the two that were the best.
Little baby birds are south now for the winter.

Then I felt like messing around
with those little cell phone purses.

I dug out a few of my books with flowers 
and found this pattern, a dainty little beauty.

  I just played around for a couple of hours.

I need to dig out my beads,
of course it would be the tote way at the 
bottom of the stack in my craft closet.

 I was thinking of layering the flowers,
maybe using buttons for the centers,
maybe using beads?

I have plenty of yarn, plenty of colors.
Those little flowers take all of about 5 minutes to make.

The pattern can be found in this book, 
along with many other lovelies.

Another pattern book with tiny, dainty flowers is this one below.
I liked this book so well that I didn't realize 
I had bought two.

I am thinking that second book would be nice
to add in my next giveaway.

So there ya have it folks. 
Just killing a bit of time between household chores. 

Messing around with my hook and yarn,
pondering my options on doing up these flowers.

Goofing off and loving every minute of it.

Telling myself that if crocheting was my job
I would feel like I never had to work 
a day in my life.


  1. oh so cute, Susanne! I wish I could crochet..but I'm a lefty and found it hard to reverse everything in my head! These would by great for scrapbooking :0)

  2. Susanne, I love the flowers I think they will look amazing on the little purses. I wish crochet was my job....wouldn't it be fun to have to crochet the day away! Hugs to you,

  3. The little flowers are cute - your idea about layering them and adding a button is a good one. :)

  4. Very pretty flowers. Crocheting is amazing to make a blanlet with your flowers. I wish I could do it. What a big nest on the tree. The birds must be quite big. Wish them coming back after winter. Thanks for your concerns on my eye. I'm better now.

  5. You have to keep us posted on how that window cleaner works. I'm all about clean windows, even on a gray day here too. Those flowers are just precious. And I am ready for a new little project to start.

  6. We were both so lucky to get the fish foam ! It sure works great! I'm enjoying seeing your crochet projects! You are so smart! ♥


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