Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Closing the Door on 2011

I don't think I will miss 2011.
It has been a year of ups and downs,
a regular roller coaster ride of uncertainties.
It started with my husband and his health issues.
It will be ending with the same.
Reflecting on the year, I can say it was not all bad.
This family has so much to be grateful for.
The highlight was in July when we found out our oldest
is expecting her first baby. 
She had been trying for over 3 years to get pregnant.
Baby is due in March and no matter what we got on Christmas Day,
this baby will be the best present.
Rachael, Christmas Day at Meg's, 2011.
Forgive my ramblings, but this week is when we 
go to Cleveland and the catheter will be inserted  for
the stem cell collection. 
They need to collect 5 million good cells to freeze.
Of course as things go, the car is acting up
and it went to the garage this morning. 
I am thankful for a good bunch of mechanics 
who are dependable and trustworthy.
When it rains it pours, the weather is now showing 
snow mixed with rain, maybe 3 inches of accumulation.
Of course we will be traveling in this. 
Made this blue jean log cabin years ago for Meghan. Picture, far left is my graduation pic.

I have had my mind on so many things. 
It would be great to have life just quiet down 
and be back to normal. 
I ask myself, just what is "normal" anyways because I can't seem to remember what "normal" is anymore.
I have read so many blogs in your day to day lives 
and I keep reading
that "it is always something".
I agree, it is always something, with a little bit of "more" 
thrown in to help make matters worse. 
I talk a lot about blessings and God, but truthfully 
I hadn't picked up my Bible in ages. 
So the other evening I grabbed the small white 
covered testament that I received the day I graduated 
from nursing school and I started reading in Psalms.
After reading for awhile I felt some calm.
I know everything is going to be alright.
I'm going to put that small Bible in my purse and when I feel frazzled again I will pull it out and read. 
We should all have the worries of Jack, Meg's cat.
 There is so much in our lives that we can not control, 
but we can control to some degree who we let into our lives.
Right now I am letting God control the hands of the mechanic 
who is fixing the car. I am letting him do what he must to 
see that we get to our destination tomorrow evening.
And I have faith that he will guide the brilliant minds
and skillful hands 
of the doctors and nurses who will care for my husband.
It is all we can do when it is that "always something, and more" 
kind of day, week, month or year.
Here is hoping that 2012 will be "normal" and 
a good year for all of us.
God Bless Everyone!


  1. I hope everything turns out ok with your car - and may God watch over you and your husband. :)

  2. I hear you on the roller coaster. I prefer the merry go round same old thing every day is fine with me. I pray his treatments go well and are successful. Here it hoping 2012 will be great year for your family.

  3. Wishing You Peace and Love and Strength for the New Year

  4. Susanne, I agree with you about the year...it has been a tough one for you and your family, for me and so many other people, too. I am so glad you are honest on your blog about what you are going through. That way I can send you and your husband positive thoughts. I read so many blogs that are so cheery they make me wonder what is wrong in my life that things are not even close to the perfectness they portray. When you are honest all your friends in blog land can be there for you and try to help you through this tough time as much as possible. We are cheering for you and your husband and keeping you in our hearts.


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