Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wandering Around In My Yard

Like most of you I love Fall, the colors are spectacular. I waited a bit too late though to get photos that would knock your socks off.
But here are a batch I thought would be of some interest.

 The above is NOT a Ladybug, but I label them a B**** Bug because they do like to bite. It was an added bonus when my intention was to capture a pic of my sage plant.

The Bittersweet plant. I will have to protect the main small trunk of the plant. Last winter the rabbits ate several other shoots and I was lucky this one survived.

My prize tree, the sugar maple. I planted this several years ago when it was only about 5 feet high. It is so beautiful in the fall.

Another photo of my sugar maple.

This tree is truly a sight to behold in the fall.

My hens and chicks.

I piled all the corn stalks, dried bean vines and all the other spent garden plants on one big pile to burn in the spring. Usually my hubby does all this but this year it became my job. He usually tills the garden up for next spring, but it has just been too muddy.

One of the female holly bushes in our landscaping. Did you know that you need a male plant in order to have berries on the female plant? I have one male and 3-4 female plants. 

Burning bush.....they are so pretty in the fall.

More holly berries. The birds love them in the winter.

One of the 2 silver maples my daughters and I planted over 20 years ago.

Silver maple leaves. Time to rake or mulch.

The front of my our country home

Another tree I hauled home and planted 20+ years ago, a clump birch. I love the way the bark peels, just like paper.

Another photo of the papery bark of the clump birch.

A perfect hideout for children to play along the property line. We have Norway spruce, the neighbor has Scotch pines.

Looking out to the back of our property, the copse of trees we planted years ago, green ash, now dead from the Emerald Ash Bore. (Thank you China). It took them 2 years to die. Now they will have to be cut down.

The brush pile in the garden. The remains of the broccoli plants are still green.

The clump birch.

My toad abode. I have put toads in there but I seriously think they have never resided there for very long, lol.

Another shot of the sugar maple. 

The birdbath needing a serious cleaning, actually a serious scrubbing would be more accurate.

I have no clue what this plant is, but I thought it interesting because of where it was growing in the railroad tie. 

Male holly bush. It was huge this past spring and I trimmed it down with a much needed haircut. I worried that I would kill it when I did that, but it survived and I was very pleased. 

The abandoned bird's nest in the trumpet vine on the driveway side of the house. There was another one just hanging from a branch, but the pic didn't turn out very good.

The visible damage on the ash tree's bark from the Emerald ash Bore.

These next 4 pics when put side by side show you how big our back yard is. It takes me 6 hours to push mow the front and back yards combined. I love the yard though, there was always lots of space for the kids to run and play back when they were growing up. 

That big rock came out of the hole where our basement is.

The sugar maple again.

A blue bird box my husband made years ago...Carolina Wrens have lived in it the past few summers. Wrens have a big song but are a tiny bird. We love to watch and feed the birds in the winter months.

Back of hubby's wood shop.

Tell me, do the holes in this old dead box elder tree remind you of a baboon like they do me????? Are you seeing what I see?

The next 3 pics are of what remains of the Golden Rod. Here is a tip for anyone who would like to make a fall wreath. My sister-in-law would pick the dried Golden Rod and other weeds and she would spray paint them with clear acrylic or any color she wanted and use them in her wreaths. It was a thrifty tip and they always looked so pretty. 

I hope you have enjoyed the stroll around my yard. I wish the sky would have been sunny that day, but what can I say, this is Ohio and here lately we seem to have a lot of overcast skies. I have enjoyed looking at some of the fall colors. Thanks for coming along with me.


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your stroll. Your yard is beautiful and the colors of the trees must be so beautiful for you to see.
    Hope you have a lovely day,

  2. Very nice pictures - love the size of your yard. I do kind of see a baboon in that one tree. :)


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