Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thoughtful Friends and Their Gifts

Now 35 years old, and in perfect shape, the gift from my friend Jean.

 I have a friend who years ago owned a yarn shop. She started a Knit Club and women of various ages gathered once a week on Wednesdays in the breezeway of her home right next to her shop. They were all her customers. The youngest gals were in their 20's and the oldest members were, well into their 70's and possibly 80's. I loved that group of women.
We would bring snacks and beverages and sit for 3 hours or so and work on all sorts of things like needlepoint, crochet and knitting (and of course a bit of gossip and chatter). If anyone needed help with a pattern then there was always someone who could lend a helping hand. We celebrated birthdays and had a gift exchange at Christmas and when I was pregnant with my first baby, they showered me with gifts. My friend Jean made me a 4-piece knitted newborn baby sweater, with hat and booties. I was thrilled! She had even left me pick out the yarn I wanted it made from. I picked something pretty, a soft white fingering yarn, variegated in soft pastel colors. I didn't know if I was having a boy or a girl.

To my recollection she had made dozens of these knitted sets. One day she called me to see if I still had the sweater. I told her yes I did, in fact the entire set, and better yet, I had a copy too of the pattern from her. Now she was thrilled! She told me that of all the baby sets she had made that I was the only one who still had mine.
Well of course I did. My Rachael was born on Christmas Eve and it was the perfect thing to bring her home from the hospital in. It meant so much to me that someone would think enough of me to spend some of their time making something by hand for my baby. 
And so, my friends, when you take time from your life to make something special for a family member, a friend, or even a charity, don't think that no one cares, because they do. Even the smallest handmade thing lets you know how much they care. 



  1. This is a great story and fun post today. Isn't that little outfit just too precious. I have one of Scooters still too. But, mine are all long gone. Hope you are having a soulfully relaxing day to day. I know I am.

  2. What a lovely gift and a wonderful story. I am so glad you kept it and I know your friend appreciates that it means so much to you.
    Hugs to you,


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