Friday, November 25, 2011

Some Projects From 2011

Hope all of you had a good holiday with family and friends. We had a nice Thanksgiving with our daughters and our son-in-law. The meal was good....the best part about it was that I didn't have to cook, lol, (my contribution was deviled eggs and  some cream cheese and beef stuffed celery). When we got home I got busy on my present crochet project. I would love to show you all what I have been working on, but my oldest daughter reads my blog and I can't post about it cause then the surprise is ruined. After I show her then I will come clean and post a few pics. In the meantime here are things I have done this past year that I have been meaning to show you......

I was rummaging around and found things I made 
this last winter. 

I had them tucked away in a tote. 
The scarfs were made for the glitz and glam of the holidays.

I guess after I made them I wasn't so sure anyone would like them, I mean, come on, if you wore one would you feel like a Christmas tree with some tinsel draped around your neck? 

The little crocheted cell phone purses were just a whim and I'm not even sure they are finished yet cause
they seem to need some sort of embellishment and a fastener type closure. I'm still mulling this over, what to do, what to do.....

The baby blanket I made more recently for the new baby.
It is made from fingering yarn and done in a shell stitch.
I made it about the size of a receiving blanket. I kinda wish I would have made it a bit bigger, but it will do.

Now in my haste I used my old antique bear on the guest bed as a prop. There is a lot to learn about taking good photos. One is definitely finding the best vantage point to show off the thing you want to share. This wasn't a good spot. The lighting is poor of course because as usual another gloomy day in Ohio. The spot on the bed is way too busy with the quilt. I turned all the lights on and even with the flash the pics weren't what I hoped for. 

Anyways, I am posting the pics. I am still playing around with the camera, but still loving it.


  1. Wow you have been busier than I imagined. Hoe about a flower on the cell phone purses? Or buttons? Just a thought. Glad you were able to relax for Thanksgiving.
    Hugs to you,

  2. When do find the time to work on all that Sue! I am so overwhelmed right now, I can't pick up a needle. I'm glad your Thanksgiving went well. TTYL, Jean


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