Thursday, November 17, 2011

Goodbye to Fall, Vincent and a Giveaway

  Good morning friends. Before I start in on what is new, let me tell you all about a friend Jeanie from Rhode Island and her GIVEAWAY found hereHer blog Getting Started is filled with all sorts of interesting things including yummy recipes, crochet, quilting and tutorials. She has lots of pretty photos. Hop on over and check her out and say "Hi". She welcomes all friends and new followers.  

We are getting closer to Thanksgiving, but before we move ahead to all those turkey dinners and shopping days, let me pull you back a bit in time and share with you one of the cutest pictures taken at Halloween. Yes, I just had to show you a picture of Vincent, the son of my daughter Meghan's best friend Mary. This pic caused quite a stir among her friends when she posted it on Facebook. (She gave me permission to post it here). I wanted to share it because he is so darn cute in his business man get-up. She took him to work one day and he told her he wanted to be an office worker when he grew up. Personally I think he looks like a young Drew Carey. If you would have watched the Price is Right during Halloween time, Drew had his hair slicked back and a mustache. Mary said Vincent was really fun that evening, working the people to get them to give him candy. I think he is absolutely adorable, and this pic is priceless!

Notice his briefcase all ready for candy. 

I wanted to share a few more pics I took of  the sugar maple in my backyard before we roll into winter and cold snowy weather.
I found these on my camera. These are reminders of why I love this tree so much. 

As you can see I got these photos before all the green leaves had fallen from the red bud. Then I got to noticing how the red bud has heart-shaped leaves. I had never really paid attention to that characteristic before.

A couple of days later the wind had whipped around and the leaves were on the ground. Both of these trees were bare. Soon it will be time to fill the bird feeder and to shovel snow. The weatherman is predicting a cold and snowy Winter. I am so thankful I have my yarn and fabric to get me through the long months of nasty weather. I love to read and bought myself a Kindle when I was shopping a couple days ago. I have plenty of hardbacks on the book shelves in the living room. I will bake some goodies and warm this house with the smell of wonderful things to eat (I will gain a few more pounds).
I will delight in family and blogger friends and consider myself lucky to be welcomed into your lives and relish the peeks into your homes seeing what is new with you.
I will thank God for every day that I am still on the up-side of this earth, and that I can share each day with those people who are precious to me. I will love my dogs, and hope I can be as wonderful as they think I am. Feeling blessed is without effort.


  1. Okay, Vincent is a doll. What a great idea. Love the photos of the trees, the colors are so brilliant. I love winter, not to stay in all those months, but the thought of hot chocolate, a fire and yarn while a lovely snow is falling sounds wonderful.
    hugs to you,

  2. Vincent is really cute - he really does pull off the businessman look. :)

  3. Vincent is a cutie and I love the Fall photos you took! I entered the giveaway! I hope we both win! Hugs! ♥

  4. Oh Sue, your tree is so gorgeous! I love the flaming red maples. We've lost most of our leaves here also and we're expecting snow showers tonight. Such a change from the 50-60 degrees we've had for a week or so. Well, it's time I guess. Thanks for posting my giveaway. I'll be talking to you soon. Hugs, Jeanie

  5. I miss so much these trees turning red like these... in Maine Fall was the most beautiful thing I ever saw! Thank you for your visit to my blog :) You have some beautiful things to see and read, I'll be back asap!


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