Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Knitting A Little Bit

Hello all you lovely people! Hope this posting finds you all in good spirits and doing well. I have something new going on as you can see. I burned myself out a bit after making another 50 African Flowers (just 119 more to go). I needed to take a break from the same old, same old, if you know what I mean. So.......I found the pattern of the Little Kina knitted doll sweater (Google search) and grabbed up my knitting needles and went to work. I profess to being a better crocheter than knitter. Anyone who knits knows that one stitch on a hook is so much easier than the knitting needle loaded up with many stitches. If you drop a stitch you have a bit of a problem. You don't normally loose stitches with crochet, and the risk of error is so much less. Don't let my pics deceive you, it took me 5 tries before I even made the first (variegated green) sweater. It was ripped apart 5 times and I am sure I looked like a mad woman possessed, fretful and silently cursing my ignorance on learning a new stitch. I had to pull out a couple of my instruction books, study them real good......cast on and never getting further than the 7th row because I had to figure out that "knit in front and back of stitch". Then it dawned on me, a light bulb moment for sure. I am first and foremost a Continental Knitter and I admit we are strange knitters. We do not bring our yarn over the hook with our other hand, but it rides behind our work and we catch it as we go. My purl stitches always looked twisted, but I figured out how to remedy that. Needless to say, when I finished the first sweater I was beaming from ear to ear, and so proud of myself. I immediately cast on stitches for a second one, least I forget what I had just learned. It was so much better the 2nd time around, and the 3rd one was a snap. ♥


  1. Susanne,
    I think your little sweaters are perfect. I am a much better knitter than crocheter, but a am so obsessed with crochet right now I may end up better at it than knitting.
    Happy Tuesday,

  2. Well done - I can´t knit at all, just chrochet. Think I have to learn someday..! :-)


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