Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flower Pots

Sorry I haven't been here lately, but I have been keeping pretty busy. Last week I did manage to plant my flower pots for out on the deck. As the years go by I have cut down drastically on the number of pots I plant. That was because of several reasons, the first being the raccoons. I use to plant around 15 containers and my deck was a whirlwind of every glorious color. I had everything from snapdragons to tiny pansies.

Then came the raccoons to dig in the pots and that went on several years till I got to the point I didn't plant any flowers at all. The first year they tore up the flowers 3 nights in a row and my poor husband tried the final time to repair the damage. I felt it had been the biggest waste of money and time to even bother to fool with them anymore. I just shook my head and told him one might as well throw the &#*@ things in the compost bin.

We live trapped 3 raccoons to be left out down by the river where they could scavenge to their hearts content. I tried everything from sprinkling pepper to moth balls to ward off those critters. They say they do not like powdered lime on their feet, well the little ones were rolling around in it and I think they must have loved it!.........then another reason I cut back on pots is because of the headache in the late fall of tearing the pots apart and storing them. A third was the price of flowers, need I say more. So this year I planted 4 pots and put one in each corner of my deck. I can live with that. It is manageable and they still add a bit of color and I never tire of looking at lovely flowers. I more or less down-sized, and right now, that works for me. ♥                      


  1. Susanne, the pots are beautiful, just the right abmount of colorto make you happy when you are outside. Those raccoons can be so pesky.
    Have a wonderful day,

  2. Hi Susanne,

    I know what you mean about the pots.
    I used to plant lots of them for the verandah (deck), but this last year, I didn't bother.

    Ive still got a few geraniums, but thats about it.

    (formerly teacupsandtiskets)

  3. Hi the pots! I planted strawberries on the deck this year, but when they are done, I am going to scavange around some garden shops for some inexpensive annuals OR perennials to fill them up again. I ripped them out of my raised garden as they were taking over everything. Strawberries are great to have on hand when the grandkids are coming..they like to pick things out of the garden so these will keep them busy and away from my little tomatoes ha ha...I'll send you a note when I can...I have Mom/hospital duty today!!


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