Thursday, May 5, 2011

On the Home Stretch

The first batch. What a fun crochet pattern!
Hello everyone!! I promise to be brief with this posting. Yeah, I know you are all wondering when I am gonna hush about this on-going project of the African Flowers. I give you my word, the end is in sight and I am now on the final stretch of joining the motifs. Ahhh, crazy me, I would be doing the joining by hand stitching all the seams. But I wanted to show you this journey from the first batch to the present time.
Motifs in process of getting the sage green border added.

Before the border round, large hexagon layout. No 2 alike, but no major clumping of colors.

The first row sewn, I started with the center row which is the row with the most hexes.

I will make all the rows first, then join them to the center row.

Even the most unlikely colors were combined with surprising results.

The center row has 15 hexes, next rows will have 14, then 13, etc. till we have last rows which are 8 hexes.

Color combos were what ever strikes your fancy. Just about anything goes.

Center row of 15 hexes so long it will hang over the sides of the queen size bed.

Front and back views of joined motifs. Back is just as pretty as the front. This close up gives you an idea how the next rows will fit right up next to the center row.
And that my friends is where I am at with this present project. Finally I have reached the final step with getting all these flowers sewn together and I hope if all goes according to plan I will have this done sometime within the next week or two. I make this claim loosely for one never knows what will happen between now and then but this is the game plan, my story, and I am sticking to it. In the meantime, do what you love and enjoy every minute of it. I say that all of us who love our crocheting, knitting, quilting, etc., we are women who know that this is not work to us, but a time to relax and let all the stresses go from our lives, even if for just a few minutes. How boring our lives would be without something to occupy our hands and minds. I personally would not want to imagine a world without these things. It is what keeps me sane ♥

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  1. I can't wait to see this finished. It is very pretty. I wish I wasn't so ADHD these days LOL.


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