Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Layout Is "NOT" Fun

No rain this morning, but the weatherman says to expect some light rain later today. Yesterday I woke up to a rainy, cold, dreary Ohio morning. It rained here on Easter morning. I think the saying goes, "If it rains on Easter Sunday then it will rain for the next 6 or 7 Sundays". One can only hope that is another old wives tale, or just a silly saying. Just a head's up on my husband, who has been going through chemo, he is doing well. That is a blessing to this family. He has been feeling good and strong enough to mow the grass 2 times now. He refuses my help. Even though it has been cold, the grass is so pretty, green.....and growing.

Now for some fun or not, I got all of the African Flowers completed. I should be thrilled, and I am to a point, but I always dread laying out the color scheme whether it be crochet or quilting blocks. I started searching for ideas......Ravelry......that has got to be the best ever spot to see what other creative people have done with their handiwork.

 I really think laying out the flowers on the floor would give me a better vantage point to check color design, but when you have 2 little dust mops running around the house you dare not put anything on the floor, because they consider it their territory. So I opted for my bed to use as my work surface.

I saw on Ravelry a very pretty layout for these motifs and the design was to put all the hexes in one large hex. It saves making half hexes if you want filled out edges like with a square or rectangle......    

 I sorted yellows, blues, reds, etc........and then the process began.........and I switched a few around, stood back several times to take a look at a distance and changed a couple again.......then I pulled out the binoculars and you might think "crazy girl, what on earth for?"

and I give you a little hint that I learned long ago with quilt layout.......grab a pair of binoculars and stand back from your layout and look through the opposite ends. It will throw your design further away from you and can see dark and lights better. It will give you an idea what the joined pieces will look like at a distance. Since motifs aren't joined yet and we aren't able to hang them on a clothes line or fence, this little trick helps to let you move colors around if they are too close or clumped in one spot before the final step of joining.           

So now I will start joining them and see what happens. I debated a long time about whether to add the sage border around each flower. I will show you some progress in a few days........oh and yes, I have another project in the works, I just couldn't help myself. Since I couldn't lay out my flowers last evening (when I finished them) cause someone was sleeping in my bed, lol, I grabbed a circular knitting needle and started making a little doll sweater. The pattern seems easy enough, and with my simple knitting skills I should be able to complete it. More to come....... ♥


  1. Wow!!! You did a beautiful job witht hte hexagons and getting them all arranged. The blanket looks wonderful. Good luck with the joining.

  2. I never thought about the challenge of deciding what goes where! They are all so beautiful! ♥


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