Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Bit Frazzled

Just a wee bit of a note (without benefit of photo) idea to join the African Flowers while adding the last round did not fair well for me. I got one row done and started joining the second row and then I was NOT happy at all with the way it all looked. My flowers were turning out a bit puffy and since I am using acrylic yarn I really didn't want to try and block those motifs or the finished, I did what I seem to be doing best these days.........I took all those joined flowers apart (woman on a mission) and decided to add the sage green individually and then I will HAND SEW them all together. Call me crazy, call me batty, but I expect to be done with this now in about a month, oh my!! Leave it to me to take the long way in doing anything and the hard way out. It is soooooo the story of my life, but anyone who knows me, knows I will rip it apart till I get it right. And another thing, I wish now that I would have found a lighter sage green. The Red Heart yarn I have is called Light Sage, well if that is a light sage, I would hate to see what the dark sage looks like. I just think a lighter green would have made the flower colors POP out so much more......I am really beginning to think I am getting to be such a fuss butt that there isn't much that satisfies me. I hope I am not turning into a crotchety old woman. See what menopause can do to you. It robs you of your good sense and reason. I just hope a straight jacket is not in my future, lol ♥

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  1. Oh my, that´s a lot of work but I totally understand you - you do want it to look it´s best in the end!

    Loved your comment about the Lego! :-)


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