Monday, April 11, 2011

Another 2 Bite the Dust

This Monday morning I decided to stay true to my word and finish up another UFO. I was determined and decided to complete 2 things instead of 1. The first is a cowl scarf made of Lion Brand Yarn Vanna's Choice in the color Brick. I love this yarn. It is knitted worsted weight and soft. All the cowl needed was for me to sew up the seam joining the two ends to make it a circle. I debated whether to add a flower, but for the pic I just added a pin. I suppose if I get ambitious later on I might add a crocheted flower.       

The second thing I finished up was this knitted Christmas stocking that I made for my youngest daughter Meghan. She has a fireplace and it sure needed something to dress it up during the holidays. Unfortunately, her mother, yours truly, was a slacker and never got it done in time for Christmas. Shamefully, all I needed to do to finish it was to put a ring at the top so it could be hung up. The stocking was made from a Red Heart knitting worsted weight yarn. I do knit, but I do not profess to be very good at it. I love knitting though, especially when it is done by some of you who can work magic with the needles. I suppose I would get better if I kept at it, but I guess I love my crochet hooks way too much ♥     


  1. So nice to have those done! I like to think of those kind of projects as being done extra early for next Christmas or winter. Good for you!

  2. Nice cowl and stocking! I have tooo many ufo and yesterday I started something else. I think I need to make myself just finish some things! I recently bought a pattern book from Annies Attic for Christmas stockings I figure with 6 of us its not too early to start.:)

  3. It is so great when you can finish some projects, I just love that feeling. Yours are gret and I love the colors in the stocking.
    Have a lovely day,


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